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About Us

At Herb Llama, we seamlessly merge cutting-edge adaptogenic and nootropic plant-based superfood herbs with an advanced scientific approach to health. Driven by the belief that health generates happiness - through education, experience, and motivation to make a difference, Herb llama has formulated a range of vitamins and supplements designed to shape happy and healthy bodies and minds. We follow the motto of "vitamins as nature intended" - this is why our supplements are plant-based. All Herb Llama supplements are crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Herb Llama customers have come to expect from us. With premium ingredients handpicked for quality, our supplements are second to none. Herb Llama vitamins and supplements are formulated, manufactured, and bottled in an FDA-registered facility - right here in the United States. Each batch of supplements is rigorously examined before it leaves our facility. If our wellness formula doesn't meet the highest standard, it doesn't leave our facility, it's as simple as that.
Our story began when our founder searched for adaptogenic and nootropic superfood supplements for her family. She was frustrated that she could only find products containing loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, gluten, lactose, and pig-derived capsules. This led her to create a better, healthier alternative that would be manufactured in the United States. This vision gave birth to Herb Llama, which embodies our founder's passion for helping people live their healthiest lives.

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